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About the Arkansas Aerospace & Defense Alliance

The Arkansas Aerospace & Defense Alliance is a group of public and private aerospace companies, government agencies and educational institutions dedicated to growing the aerospace, aviation and defense infrastructure in Arkansas and training a qualified workforce. Learn more.

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Arkansas Aerospace Facts

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aerospaceThe diverse sectors of aerospace include commercial, civil and military aviation, defense and space. They encompass a wide array of talent and competencies. The industrial base includes researchers, engineers, technicians, mechanics, skilled machinists and precision production jobs.

jobs available 2Arkansas’ aerospace, aviation and defense industry employs nearly 10,000 Arkansans.

Figure-2-2012-Global-Aerospace--Defense-Industry-OutlookAerospace is Arkansas’s number one export, accounting for more than $1.8 Billion. Commercial airports generate $2 billion to Arkansas’ economy each year, and general aviation alone creates an economic impact on Arkansas of almost $500 million annually.

20130626-Dassault-Falcon-JetThere are approximately 180 aviation and aerospace-related companies in the state.

northwest-arkansas-regional-airportThere are 91 publicly-owned/publicly-used general aviation and community airports within the State of Arkansas, eight of which have airline services.