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A Story of Plain Old Perseverance: Rose Aircraft Services, Inc.

AADA Article RoseAircraftRose Aircraft Services, Inc. began with a dream, a family, and a one-man-shop. It was 1964 when the Rose family moved to Mena, Arkansas from Dallas. Jack Rose set up his one-man-shop in one corner of a hangar at the Mena Airport, then at the time a three-thousand-foot grass strip with only a few local aircraft.

They began an engine overhaul company and began to buy and sell used aircraft. Soon, upholstery was added to service inventory aircraft. In 1973, the fledgling company upgraded slightly to a property that was less than six thousand square feet. They began to offer paint services, and increased maintenance and light avionics. In 2007, they purchased the local FBO, Mena Air Center.

Today they operate on more than two hundred thousand square feet of hangar shop and office space, employ more than one hundred people, and offer the full range of interior design services. Keith Rose, son of Jack Rose now owns the company along with his sister Brenda. The company has always been family owned, currently on their fourth generation.

However, the word “family” branches out to cover more than names on their family tree. Many of the master craftsman in their Interior Completions and Refurbishing Division have been with the company for over twenty years.

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NBAA-BACE The Place to Be In 2018

AADA Article NBAA BACEAssisting aerospace and defense companies to showcase their products and services to the international marketplace is a longstanding mission of the AADA. International trade shows are an excellent way to accomplish that goal. One such tradeshow that is quite popular in the Aerospace and Defense community is the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE).

It is one of the largest business aviation events in the world, and come 2018—AADA is going and you can too. Our president, Gina Radke says, “Bringing all the major OEM’s of corporate aircraft together, has been noted as being ‘a years’ worth of business in 3 days.’” The NBAA show not only connects those suppliers who support corporate aviation, but it connects those suppliers with third tier suppliers such as machine shops, advertising, labels, QA consultants, hardware and chemical suppliers, and many more. Basically, if an aerospace company needs it to run, you can sell it at NBAA.

We are carrying through with our commitment to provide more value to our members and to other Arkansas Aerospace companies. We are excited to provide this opportunity. AADA will partner with the Arkansas World Trade Center to provide a booth at the 2018 NBAA-BACE. This will drastically lower the cost of a company attending and participating with an exhibit space.

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Act 1042 and What It Does for You

AADA Article ACT 1024The passing of Act 1042—the Apprenticeship Training Act is big news for what it can mean to our AADA members. This Act sponsored by Senator Jane English just passed April 6th of this year. This Act revised the tax credit and allowed for an Apprenticeship Program. Under previous law, the credit received by a company was the lesser of two thousand dollars. Essentially what the new law does is increase the maximum annual credit to ten thousand dollars.

More and more we have seen in the Aerospace industry the benefits of in-house-training, in a sense, custom-tailoring a workforce to the company.

Gina Radke, President of AADA states, “The state of Arkansas, and most of the country, has experienced a skills gap for some time. Adding Apprenticeship programs to local businesses and AADA member companies will ensure skilled employees coming out of the program. Member companies will have the opportunity to “train up” their employees while the employees are receiving outside training and knowledge on new technologies from local schools as well. Using this model, the skills gap will shrink significantly in only a matter of years. “

Therefore, by increasing that annual credit, business owners have more of an incentive to offer potential apprentices. The availability of these programs also aid in more employment opportunities for those who may not have the exact skill-set a company is looking for. An Apprenticeship Program will act as an entry way into the company while simultaneously allowing the company a tax credit along with the aforementioned opportunity of in-house-training.

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You Spoke. We Listened.

AADA YouSpoke WeListened PicThe Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance recognizes that a trade association is only as strong as the involvement of their members. Recently, we surveyed the industry and were able to get direct feedback from Alliance members, friends, and partners, and dive a little bit deeper into what they believe is most valuable to our industry.

The results of the survey show that a majority of our members believe aerospace and defense industry trade show attendance is a service that AADA can provide to add more value to our organization and in return, make membership more beneficial. This survey has reinforced our belief that attending national and international trade shows will provide a benefit to our membership. We at AADA are going to work hard to create opportunities for Arkansas Aerospace and Defense companies to join together under the Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance banner and attend national and international trade shows  Based on the feedback we received from our members, it is our goal in the next year to attend shows such as EBACE and NBAA.

Our AADA President, Gina Radke is one of those people who is hard at work to create these opportunities. “This week I will be meeting with the Arkansas World Trade Center to explore grant funding for export trade show exhibits and meeting with interested companies to come up with an outline for shows of interest and cost,” said Radke. “The findings of this meeting will be shared with our membership very soon, continued Radke.”

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AirResource Group: Experience and Passion

AADA AirResource PicAirResource Group is celebrating their 10-year anniversary this year, but founders Carl Finch and Cheri McKelvey are not strangers to the aerospace industry. Cheri had sold aircraft for 7 years prior, and Carl had been flying, buying, and selling aircraft since the 1980’s. The aerospace industry is challenging, and it has been said that those who work in it do so from a love of aviation. It was that mutual excitement and passion for flight as well as the ability to offer a comprehensive list of services that led to the founding of AirResource Group. Since 2007, the company has added a maintenance facility in Springdale and Little Rock, nationwide charter services, aviation insurance, and consulting services.

This wide breadth of offerings allows AirResource Group to truly be a one-stop shop for its clients for everything from purchasing or selling aircraft, to flight operations, management, charter services, maintenance, and insurance.  Their goal? To simplify the experience of owning an aircraft, and to make what is truly a very complex operation appear- for their clients- to be seamless.  Carl points out that the regulations of different agencies; for example the requirements for insurance, requirements of the FAA,  and those of the IRS, don’t always coincide with each other. Carl notes that coordinating between all three to ensure the client is protected appropriately can be “like tuning a 12 string guitar, everything has to be in balance with each other.” Fortunately, AirResource Group has the experience to navigate these turbulent skies.

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