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AADA AfterGlow AircraftWhat started out as a side project in has quickly grown into an adapting, thriving business enterprise. Afterglow Aircraft Solutions (AAS) provides today’s ever-changing aviation market with an extensive list of services such as both interior and small paint refurbishment, paint revitalization, interior deep cleaning, leather refinishing, and more! Founded by Jonathan Rose in 2010, who represents the third generation of family owned and operated Rose Aircraft Services Inc. and having undergone extensive training in aircraft detailing. Rose saw a market opportunity for detail work in Northwest Arkansas. Rose gained AAS’ vision as a standalone operation that could morph to efficiently fill all sorts of needs and gaps in the aviation market.

They adapted from Afterglow Aircraft Detailing to Afterglow Aircraft Solutions when they incorporated new services that expanded beyond cleaning and polishing aircraft. Services like paint repair, small-scale spot in, blend repair, and utilizing their mobility to fix and repair on site. AAS’ works to provide quality service, something that wasn’t a rushed patch job.  Having discovered the smaller area needs they could work on and save customers money, without sacrificing quality, AAS became the best shop for unique go-to fixes and customized solutions. AAS’ focused on tailoring their services options to their client’s individual needs and budget. 

And recognizing that some client’s needs are bigger, AAS works with business partners, to offer full-scale refurbishment, maintenance, and avionics at their facilities. Partnerships with companies like Rose Aircraft or Air Resource Group have supported Afterglow’s success and helped them grow into the thriving company they are today!

Standing out from the crowd however, AAS offers its customers a different experience. Rose said, “that you would be able to see the thoroughness and the attention to detail…we really do care about the people we’re working with.” The core values of AAS echo proudly in their work; Integrity, Relationship, Professionalism, and Safety. 

AAS is unique too as a certified Permagard Applicator. A high-end, high-quality paint sealant, Permagard protects against the elements and comes with a 5-year warranty. This product took them to the next level; not only performing a routine task with excellence, but also modernizing aircraft solutions and saving costs for their customers in the long run.  This type of forward thinking, learning what’s available and what makes a better product for their customers, is a key component that pushed AAS’ expansion into Springdale, Fayetteville, Tulsa, and even Shreveport. 

The aviation industry is fast-paced; people want to become more efficient. Rose remarked, “as our customers are becoming more efficient, we create options for our customers based on their unique need.” AAS has strived to train technicians to work safely, cleanly, and around maintenance technicians. Being out-of-the-way saves time, prevents a need to travel to multiple locations to have work completed. And added on, each AAS technician is trained to be thorough beyond what is required, ensuring that each aircraft is in the best possible shape for their customers. 

Joining the Arkansas Aerospace and Defense Alliance is one of the best next steps AAS has taken in adding to Arkansas’ aviation industry. With a core value as relationship, AAS is looking for every opportunity to make more friends and build better relationships. Rose added in that while it’s important they are at the heart an Arkansas company. “We want to know as many people as we can, and build as many friendships as we can… we do business with our friends,” said Rose. He hopes through their continued membership with the Alliance, he can continue to surround himself with people who have been in the industry longer, picking up keys to move more efficiently and quickly through the market.

In the future, AAS strives to work with the AADA to perhaps increase educational awareness of employment opportunities within the aviation industry in Arkansas. Striving to find ways of making it more interesting and appealing for young adults to develop a passion for aviation, Rose said, “the luster for aviation dissipated as air travel became normal.” 

Afterglow Aircraft Solutions fits the bill of the progressive, adaptive aviation company needed in the rapidly changing aerospace industry. Rose sums it up perfectly, “We’re going to adapt within the best of our ability. We’re here to be flexible for our clients with us as best we can.”